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    Architects and Access Consultants

    For over two decades Bio-Building Design has been helping people achieve their dreams to live in life-enhancing and accessible buildings. We have helped Clients with the design of buildings that are sustainable, accessible and a joy to live in. 

    Over the  years we have completed many projects, some of which are shown on this page. Some others are shown on our Completed Projects page.

    We seek to design built environments that provide spatial harmony and sensory delight. We seek to design buildings in accordance with the principles of Universal Design - buildings that provide an enriching and uplifting experience, and that enhance the well-being and health of their occupants throughout their lives. We also bring a critical regional focus to each architectural project that we undertake, connecting each project to its specific setting. 

    We believe that architecture is a practical craft which produces buildings that must be useful to their occupants. We also believe that, at its best, architecture is an art form that produces buildings and spaces that uplift and inspire. We seek to infuse into every project, no matter how modest, an element of the artistic.

    Life-Enhancing Design

    We commence each project from first principles,  to create a built environment that both fulfils your functional requirements and works in harmony with the specific characteristics of your site. We seek to design buildings that enhance the lives of those who occupy them.

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    Complete range of architectural services

    Our many years we have honed our skills so as to maximise the end-value of developments for our Clients, at the same time minimising the combined design and construction costs. We've taken on a wide range of projects in various sectors, including residential, commercial and industrial. We have also worked on health-care and civic projects. We work on both new buildings and alterations and additions to existing buildings. We have worked on projects large and small.

    We offer the complete range of architectural services, including design, documentation and contract administration, no matter the size of the project.

    We tailor our services to meet the particular needs of each individual client, and of each individual project. Call us to find out how we can help you to achieve your goals.


    About John

    John Van der Have is a registered architect and access consultant. He is registered with the NSW Architects Registration Board (ARB 3690), and is also an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA 6258). John is an accredited member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia (ACAA 19). He is an honorary member of the Access Advisory Committee of the City of Blue Mountains.

    Based in the Blue Mountains, John has written three books on this unique part of the world. 

    Based on current trends, John's latest book  Aboriginal Rock Art in the Blue Mountains will sell out some time during the latter half of 2017. In the meantime, copies may be obtained at the Turning Page Bookstore - Springwood, Megalong Books - Leura and Gleebooks - Blackheath.  

    For more details see our related website W: <>.

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    Examples of our work

    We work on the full range of residential design - from alterations and additions, to new individual dwellings, dual occupancy dwellings, seniors' housing and multi-unit housing. In all cases, we seek to design to the proven principles of solar-passive and universal design.

    We put a high emphasis on health, comfort and spatial harmony in our work.

    We aim to design buildings that are comfortable to live in all year round, that are energy-efficient, and that meet the needs of their owners throughout their lives.

    We are experienced in design of buildings that need to be robust, for example buildings in bushfire-prone areas. 


    Recent architectural projects

    Recently a project that we designed for Clients in Leura achieved practical completion.

    The project commenced as alterations and additions to an existing residence. However, after construction commenced the structure of the existing building was found to be deficient.

    What began as a proposed straw bale addition to an existing weatherboard cottage, transformed into a complete re-build.

    The new dwelling includes a polished concrete floor, with in-slab hydronic heating. The structure works well for passive heating and cooling.

    Extensive use was made of recycled bricks.

    Construction was completed in September 2017. Below is a photograph oft he main bedroom.

    Contact John on 4751 1846 for further information.


    Access Consulting Services

    In addition to architectural services, we offer access consulting services. In this regard we provide building accessibility audits, commentary on regulatory compliance, and review of proposed development and construction certificate applications to ensure compliance, with a special focus on appropriate design solutions. We have assisted clients with multi-unit residential developments, commercial, industrial, hospitality and health-related projects.

    We also prepare Performance Solutions  on matters pertaining to access under the Building Code of Australia and the Premises Standards, when necessary. 

    We have assisted in accessibility upgrades of many existing buildings, including several with heritage listing.

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    Recent access consulting services

    Over the past three years we have assisted Clients in the development of a mixed-use project in Alexandria. The project comprises 20 residential units, 2 retail spaces at Ground Level, and Basement parking.

    We were able to be of assistance from the Construction Certificate stage onward, including resolution of various access-related matters, and also in the resolution of various fire safety issues.

    An Occupation Certificate for this project has recently been issued (July 2017). 

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    We carry out work in the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney,  throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond.

    For an obligation-free consultation, contact John on 02 4751 1846

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